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Core Values We Live By

Principle Quality Investments is a commercial real estate investment private equity firm. Our focus is on acquiring and operating high-quality residential apartment communities that provide our equity investors with truly passive “hands-off” cash-flow and deal-end cash pay-outs. Our #1 objective is to protect and preserve investor capital while maximizing cash-on-cash returns.

Identify Opportunities First

PQI has a proven track record of getting off-market deals. Our partners get first look of our deals in several major markets across the United States.

Integrated Property Management

Successful management is a must-have when dealing with income producing real estate. Our vertically integrated management improves overall returns and higher satisfaction.

Deliver Excellent Returns

We pride ourselves on delivering high returns for our equity partners capital. Each asset we invest in goes through multiple stress tests to see a best, base, and worst case scenario.

The Firm

Who We Are

Matthew W. Guerra

Managing Partner

Peter Harris

Board of Directors

A macro view invests for the long term leading to better returns, while making a positive impact in the community.

We’re Principle Quality Investments, a boutique real estate private equity firm that believes hard work coupled with a keen eye for identifying opportunities, can lead to growing capital successfully. We aim to not only add value to each property we invest in, but each community we invest in as well.

What we can help you achieve

long term capital growth | wealth preservation | improved tax benefits | achieve retirement goals